This beautiful painting by Paul Klee is a hypnotising painting of the face of a cat. The cat is looking directly at the viewer, and consists of many colours including red, yellow, orange, blue, green and black.

This stunning piece of art is very abstract. The bird is located on the forehead of the cat, and appears very hauntingly. The eerie vibe of this painting is what really makes it great to look at. There is something about the painting that is just chilling yet beautiful. Paul Klee's Cat and Bird is one of his many paintings.

There are many other very similar painting, such as Senecio and Seated Woman. This dark and abstract style is similar to the work of Van Gogh's. The overall eerie tone and contrasting colours are stunning to look at. Giving a sense of uneasiness, this work of art is also very warm and gives a sense of contentedness.

The warm orange and yellow colours are soon met with a dark shade of red. This shade of red gives off a 'burnt' look and adds to the satisfactory visuals of the painting.

In the eyes of the cat, there is a mixture of green and blue, which are very mysterious to look at. The bird on the forehead of the cat is just an outline, and the bird appears to look angry.

The bird is also filled in with red, which gives a disturbing feel to the painting. The cat's whiskers are very large and curve all the way to the edges of the painting. Paul Klee's Cat and Bird is overall a very beautiful painting to look at, and appears to be very unique in its style.

The finished piece here contrasts against the aggressive style of Picasso's own Cat and Bird portrait.