Paul Klee

Paul Klee was a Swiss artist from the Expressionist, Bauhaus and Surrealist art movements

Paul Klee paintings are key elements in the rise of modern art and his career included several different styles from the new 20th century art movements which Paul Klee helped to develop. The artist also produced thousands of drawings and etchings as well.

This was a Swiss German modern artist who came to prominence in the early 20th century at a time when there was great development occuring within the European art scene which was to continue to attract new ideas that contrasted to traditional thinking which was starting to look old-fashioned and out of touch with modern society.

The artist's paintings have been classified within several different related movements including expressionism, cubism, and surrealism.

You will from the photos of his work that this artist offered a skillful approach to colour and this was the main skill of the artist, who went to the extreme lengths of researching and publishing papers on the theory of colour.

Several of his abstract works rely almost entirely on his colour selections and these are amongst his most popular paintings.

The nature of abstract art means that will little detail there is a huge importance laid in the use of colour combinations.

Paul Klee was an incredibly proilific artist who created over 10,000 art works over his 40-year career, which is more than almost any other artist in history.

Amongst his media were the oil paintings as mentioned here, plus also large numbers of drawings and etchings which have also since attracted interest for those looking into his career in more detail than they had previously done.

Paul Klee received his training from the Academy of Fine Arts, Munich and went onto to feature in the art movements of Expressionism, Bauhaus and Surrealism. covers all of his finest paintings from a long and distinguished career and also offers inciteful information on the life of the artist himself whose legacy remains strong even today.

Castle and Sun

Castle and Sun is a charming cityscape Paul Klee painting that creatives depicts a cartoon like castle with sun sitting above in a truly abstract matrix of coloured squares which at first makes it unclear as to quite what it is of.

As you consider the title of the painting, it quickly becomes clear and further details of the castle become apparent after each and every viewing, making this a very intriguing cityscape.

The bright colours used have also ensured it to be a popular choice as reproduction.


Senecio, below, is another highly abstract work with some similarity to the cubist movement which included the likes of Pablo Picasso.

Senecio features the head of an old man in another bright piece that relies on oranges and reds to deliver a warm painting, which has become on of the artist's most popular in recent years with many choosing as a reproduction fo their own homes, probably because of the positive outlook that comes from such warm colours.

Viaducts Break Ranks

Fish Magic

Fish Magic is another interesting piece which lures the viewer in with bright colours set against a dark background that can be seen in several of Paul Klee's most famous paintings.

Within Fish Magic there is a relaxing scene that actually reflects a real deep sea scene and the artist carefully offers a wide array of different oranges, reds, greens and blues to cover the beautiful different fishes and plants found in the painting.

Twittering Machine

The Goldfish

Three Houses and a Bridge

The Way to the Citadel

Crystal Gradation

Cat and Bird

Fire in the Evening

Young Lady's Adventure

Around the Fish

Cosmic Composition

Still Life with Gladioli

Ancient Harmony

Fish in the Harbour

Sealed Woman

Sinbad the Sailor

Lemon Harvest

Southern Gardens